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Valo Building (Arts Courses – Undergraduate and Postgraduate):

At our brand new campus, the Valo Building, we offer high-quality training for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the arts. This state-of-the-art facility is strategically situated next to Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester. During the day, the Valo Building is the vibrant hub for Shockout Arts courses.

The Valo Building boasts 13 brand new soundproof and sprung floor studios, and a built-in theatre. These specialized studios offer an exceptional learning environment, enabling students to immerse themselves in their creative disciplines. Our dedicated faculty, experts in their respective fields, are committed to helping students excel in their artistic journeys. The Valo Building’s modern facilities,are designed to foster creativity, innovation, and excellence, ensuring that students are well-prepared for successful careers in the arts.

Studio 25 (BTEC Courses) 

For those enrolled in our BTEC courses, Studio 25 remains the heart of our BTEC programme. Located in the heart of the city centre, Studio 25 is a dynamic and thriving space where students pursuing BTEC qualifications can excel.

Studio 25 offers a unique and enriching environment that caters specifically to BTEC courses. Here, students can participate in a range of BTEC programs, including dance or musical theatre. The studio is equipped with specialized facilities and experienced instructors who are dedicated to providing an exceptional BTEC education.

As a BTEC student at Studio 25, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen field, develop your skills, and gain valuable practical experience. This dedicated space is designed to foster growth and excellence in BTEC education, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for your future career in the performing arts and related industries.

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Student Life

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