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Elliott Campion Scholarship

The following guidance is for aspiring dancers who strive to realise their true potential and change the world through dance.

Scholarships are listed below:

  • Academy (11 to 16 year old)
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts Dance (16 to 18 year old)
  • B.A Honours Professional and Commercial Dance (18 to 21 year old)


A message from Elliott’s parents Nic and Dom Campion:

We would like the Elliott Campion Scholarship to be awarded to individuals who demonstrate similar character traits as Elliott. The student will need to be passionate, not just about dance but also about life.

You will need to demonstrate your ambition through hard work and commitment, showing a positive attitude, mental and physical drive in your quest to achieve greatness through the inspiration of fellow dancers/choreographers around the world.

You will need to love your craft, respect and contribute to feeding the community of which you belong. Above all, enjoy your journey and have fun along the way.

“To infinity and beyond”

Who is eligible to apply

The scholarship applicants must be UK residents within the age group 15-21 years old.

How to apply

To apply , simply fill out the online application and attend your appointed audition date.  Scholarships will be awarded at the auditions.


Shockout reserves the right to withdraw or change the scholarship without prior notification.  Scholarships offered are subject to funding and availability, and the student must complete the course at Shockout in the allocated time we see fit.  If the student decides to withdraw at anytime on the scholarship the funding must be returned to Shockout in an agreed period of time.

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