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How to get over that feeling of “not being good enough”

As dancers, I feel like we collectively have those days where we feel great and positive within ourselves and then the other days that can be the complete opposite. When coming to Shockout, I knew I had a lot of catching up to do in terms of my ability as a dancer. 

My previous dance training didn’t prepare me enough for Shockout the first time I auditioned, but I knew Shockout was where I wanted to train; it felt like home. I made it my goal to go back to college and enrol in dance, alongside training in Commercial and Hip Hop classes in the evening, to fully prepare myself for the next audition. I had no doubt that I was going to be accepted to Shockout the second time round because I knew I’d worked hard to improve in the areas I was weakest.

Instead of taking that as a negative and thinking I’m never going to be good enough I used it as motivation to work as hard as I could whilst training. 


1. Dont be Intimidated be Inspired

when you meet fellow dancers that are at a more advanced level than you don’t be intimidated, be inspired. Those advanced dancers are the type of people you want to surround yourself with because you will be subconsciously working harder to reach or surpass their level.

2. Set Yourself Achievable Short term Goals

it’s important to set goals if you’re wanting to grow as a dancer. Set yourself simple goals such as “By the end of the month I want to sit deeper in all 3 splits”. Setting goals helps you create discipline for yourself and discipline is essential for your success in training. Furthermore, when you see progress this will inspire you to continue with your training!

3. Stay focused and Stay Consistent

Not everyday is positive, some days you do feel like you’re running on empty and question absolutely everything. Try to understand that you’re training for yourself and the only person you’re in competition with is YOURSELF whilst training… you’ll reach your goals, surpass your targets and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Remember that if Shockout wanted you to be a finished product you’d be working in the industry already!

4.  Experiment with your training

Be yourself because there’s no one else like you. Be authentic and experiment with your training, add your own style to your movement and  take a variety of classes (not just the ones that you’re most comfortable in), so you can become the best possible version of yourself. It’s amazing seeing the individuality of your peers when you’re dancing in lesson together.


Written by Nia Jordaine (1st Year Student) 

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